Are you new to woodworking? Do you want to own your own workshop? Here are 10 essential woodworking tools to help you kickstart your dream.

There are a few woodworking tools that are essential for your projects And without which, you won’t be able to get started with anything. Here is a list of the top 10 woodworking tools that you would need to get your home workshop started:


A great woodworking tool for a beginner to cut curved and circular patterns in wood stock is a jigsaw. It is easy to use and versatile enough to perform most cutting tasks with great accuracy. You can choose an orbital action, corded jigsaw which will not only be easy to handle and use but also comes with an easy blade change system.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is another essential woodworking tool that every aspiring woodworker or home repairer should have in their workshop.

It is a versatile handheld power tool which can perform a few tasks of a table saw and if you use it with a clamp-on straight edge. You can use this tool to cut through different materials like plywood, fiberboard, and so on.

This is a great tool to size your boards correctly before you start working on them. Trust me, if you are planning to take up projects extensively, then you cannot skip out on the circular saw.

circular saw handle

Router Table

For any woodworking store to operate at large scale the best router table and we mean only the best is important. You can route wood without using a router table too but if you want better routing results, then a router table will be required. It provides a flat base area for you to work on and place your board at.

Then you can use a router to clean up the wood efficiently without having to worry about the board wobbling in between. Trust me, if you want accuracy and efficiency in your job, then you need to get a router table.

Miter Saw

A Miter Saw is another important tool that one must own if they want to become a successful woodworker. A miter saw allows you to make crosscuts on a wood stock accurately and efficiently.

You can use this tool to make a variety of cuts that includes square, beveled, or angled.

A Compound miter saw also allows you to angle and bevel a cut at the same time which can help you in creating the compound cuts that you always wanted.

Miter saw

Power Drill

A corded power drill is another important woodworking tool that every beginner should own. Although you might think that a cordless drill is more convenient and useful, the truth is that a corded drill is easier to handle and is less expensive than a cordless drill which is why it is perfect for amateur woodworkers. You will need to look at the Chuck size, Chuck type, drill type, and so on before you buy a power drill for your home workshop.


Another important tool that every beginning woodworker should have is a good quality wood router. A router often comes with two types of bases – stationary base or a plunge router base, however, a beginner can stick to a decent quality stationary base router as it will be able to take care of many woodworking tasks too.

Make sure that your router model is at least 2-HP and has a variable speed feature along with a soft start mechanism and easy to change bit function so that it is easier for you to handle the router.

Orbital Sander

Another important handheld power tool that every beginning woodworker should own is a random orbital sander. Although a palm sander is less expensive, a random orbital sander will use hook and loop fastened sanding disks which sand in a random pattern. This randomness ensures that your stock doesn’t get any patterned marks due to the sanding.

Orbital Sander

Table Saw

Once you have bought all the other tools for woodworking, you will now need to make an investment in a major tool which would be the centerpiece of your workshop. All your tools will be placed near this table saw and you will use it as a base for most of the woodworking jobs.

While you might think to skip on this essential tool thinking you can make do with the tools and equipment that you already own but if you want to achieve the best possible results for your project, then you definitely need a table saw in your workshop. This is a versatile tool which can do everything from cutting wood to making joints.

Thickness Planer

Another crucial woodworking tool that one needs to own is a top-notch thickness planer. A thickness Planer can be utilized to fix the uneven surfaces of wood and allows you to turn an imperfect wood into a perfect one.

This way, you can get cheaper and unfinished wood and then plane it into a smoother and refined wood and save yourself a lot of money.

However, always keep in mind that when you plane wood, you still end up losing a little amount of the wood but you end up with a perfect looking lumber.

Thickness Planer



This is an obvious one but we will still go ahead and mention it. A good hammer is an important part of a workshop and is usually inexpensive so make sure that you buy the best quality hammer for yourself.

Make sure that it has a firm and nice grip and is comfortable to use so that you won’t tire soon when using it. A good hammer will be strong and will last longer and is essential for most of the woodworking projects.


Another useful tool that a woodworker must have is a sawhorse which is basically a stand where you can cut up large pieces of boards or convert them into a table top for performing other woodworking tasks. You can also utilize them as a feed in and feed out the base for your table saw if both of these are of same height.