Are you tired of your dirty and messy bathroom? Think it needs a makeover? We’ve got the solution. Here are 17 awesome hacks to keep your bathroom clean and organized.

We often overlook the range of ‘necessary’ things that are kept piled in our bathrooms. From hair products to towels to mirrors to body lotions . . . you cannot simply go ahead with your day if these things are not found at the right place at the right moment. Still, most often than not, our bathroom tends to be one of the most neglected and messy areas of our home.

Clean Bathroom

As the definition of a luxurious bathroom keeps evolving to incorporate something new each day, the amount of time we manage to devote for its maintenance keeps decreasing. Bathroom cleaning can quite understandably be a task for most of us.

However, the next time you think of postponing the task to some other day, please remember that your bathroom mostly contains products that come in direct contact with your skin (think of toothbrushes, towels, razors, scaling machines, etc!).

And therefore it is extremely important to look after its cleanliness. A clean and sorted bathroom will not only give you a fresh feeling each day but will also protect you from a range of diseases and infections that could harm your skin and health.

Here are a few easy tips that will help you keep a bathroom:

Use Alka-Seltzer tablets to unclog drains

Clogged Drains are a regular problem most of us face. Calling a plumber to get it fixed every single time can be really taxing. Those Alka Seltzer tablets which are readily available are surely the cheapest solution to clogged drains. All you need to do is drop three to four Alka Seltzer tablets into the drain followed by a cup of vinegar.

However since this method is effective only in cases of moderately clogged drains, it is advisable that you follow it on a regular basis to avoid an adverse situation.

Get rid of cobwebs using a balloon!

Cobwebs can be a real problem to get rid of because they accumulate at all those difficult, out-of-easy-access corners of your bathroom. Worse still, they might harbor insects that could come out of nowhere to scare or even bite you. A real easy trick to keep cobwebs at bay is to place a balloon in your bathroom.

Use petroleum jelly to keep toilet plungers intact

Apart from working wonders on your skin, Petroleum Jelly can be pretty useful in keeping your bathroom sorted as well. A toilet plunger tends to lose its shape over time which also affects its use. You could fix this issue by applying petroleum jelly to it.

Remove rust stains using pumice stone

pumice stone

That pumice stone which goes unused many a times can help you get rid of the ugly rust and lime stains on your toilet seat, bathtub and sinks easily. You need to wash and scrub the porcelain once before attacking the rust stains. Once you have removed all deposits, use the pumice stone to scrub them away. Again, it is recommended to follow this treatment to prevent stubborn stains.

Keep metal packages upside down to prevent them from rusting

Often, rust stains accumulate at the bottom of deodorant bottles, shaving creams or any such product that comes in a metal packaging. An easy trick to avoid this is to place these things upside down. Doing so will expose the plastic cap to water instead, helping prevent the metal body from rust marks.

Attach those tiny metallic objects to the magnetic strip behind doors

Ladies tend to keep a range of metallic things like tweezers, safety pins, bobby pins etc. in the bathroom. However given their small size, there is always the risk of losing them or worse still, of them going down the drain! You can use the magnetic strips behind doors and drawers to hold these small things in place will be a great help to all the ladies in your house.

Keep your faucets shining forever using baby oil

Having stains or deposits on those expensive faucets and fixtures can be heartbreaking for anyone. To keep them shining forever is quite literally a child’s play. All you need to do is polish them with a mild baby oil using a soft cloth (harsh chemicals and rough clothes will leave scratches on your accessories) to maintain the aesthetics of your bathroom.

faucet cleaning

Create additional space on that unused shower rod

Organizing all your belongings in a shelf or two can be a little problematic. It is likely that you will spend half of the time searching for what you need and the other half re-organizing things after your search! That extra unused shower rod could help with additional organization. All you need to do is hang a few plastic bins, baskets or containers (as per your convenience) onto the rod to keep your things sorted.

Solve those mirror issues using tea and shaving cream

Mirrors are the most used commodity in any bathroom and therefore require regular treatment. Using a strong black tea to wipe the mirror will help you get rid of all the deposits on it.

Another problem most people face is their mirror fogging up while they shower. Wiping the mirror with a shaving cream or lotion will help prevent this.

Fix clogged shower heads using vinegar

Clogged shower heads are also a frequent issue most of us face. Nothing can be more annoying than water pouring down at that snail’s speed! A quick remedy is to keep the shower head soaked in vinegar for an hour or so to get rid of all the deposits.

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