Squat…up down…stretch…bend…and repeat. Yoga has a lot of poses to perform and while you might not be a master of them yet, you are most definitely on the way to it. It might not happen overnight but hey Rome wasn’t built in a night!

So step onto your mat and avoid these 5 mistakes while doing yoga to become the ultimate Zen master:

Breathing Wrong

Breathing is the basic foundation of Yoga and if you end up doing this wrong, you don’t have much chance of becoming a yoga expert after all. When you are trying too hard to get a pose right, you tend to hold your breath which is a big No-No. Stop holding your breath and let go of it with ease.

Holding your breath creates a tension in your body which is the exact opposite purpose of yoga. If you feel that you are holding your breath, its sign that you are pushing too hard too fast. Slow down and try breathing deeply into your belly, through your nose, for the entire session.

Remember, practice makes a man perfect so don’t stop trying.

Getting into an Advanced Pose

What are you in a hurry for? Are you going to miss a train? If not, then just slow down. Don’t try a complicated yoga pose too fast; you might just end up with an injury. People don’t have the patience for appropriate practice, so they jump into the advanced stuff and later suffer.

Don’t jump, take yoga slow. Your body needs to feel comfortable before you hit an even trickier pose. Always start with a few warm-up exercises and then choose a few rounded yoga poses to make your body slowly flexible. Once you have enough practice, you can start on with a few advanced poses.


Too much Focus on Pose

We tend to forget that our body and our neighbor’s body are not same and so we have different limitations. Stop trying to compare your pose to other’s poses. It’s all about how comfortable you are able to handle a pose. If you try too hard to copy other’s pose, you might end up in injuring yourself.

Yoga isn’t about a perfect pose because there is none. It’s all about performing the steps to achieve a pose which is comfortable to your body. That being said, practicing your poses certainly doesn’t hurt. So keep on practicing but don’t strive for any idea of a perfect pose.

Too Cool for Props

Don’t skip on the props. When you are new to yoga poses, performing them could prove to be a little tricky as your body is not flexible enough yet.

So instead of forcing yourself to complete your yoga pose without any help, make sure you use a few props to give you some support. Everyone has a different body structure and limitations and props help to modify the pose to your needs.

Use blankets, straps, and blocks to support your body during yoga practice. Using a blanket or block as a prop in a seated position is not a sign of weakness but rather you being smart and avoiding injuries. Props help us in focusing on the correct body part so next time you think about losing those props, think again.


No Time to Relax

A lot of people don’t deem this necessary and tend to skip out on this. They’re  in a hurry to either leave to handle some “important” work or just want to get on to the next pose and be done with it. Yoga is an art which is not to be hurried, it’s important to take your time before each pose and give a chance to your body to relax.

After a yoga session, give your body a 5-minute rest and let it stimulate your nervous system back into coordination. Let your body get back to its original state lest you shall have uncharacteristically loose body parts. Just 5 minutes of cooling down can result in a day of happiness so do anything but don’t skip out on this.

I hope now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you will see how wonderfully yoga can benefit your body and mind. You will be able to see how beautifully yoga can transform you from a slacker to a fit and healthy person. So get up, do yoga and relax.