Rowing is rapidly becoming the latest craze for cardio workouts. Here’s good reason for it as well. Traditionalists like to tout running as the best thing since sliced bread for building up a sweat and burning calories. Running, while effective, isn’t for everybody.

The treadmill can be hard on your bones and muscles with the impact of every step. These hard runs can have a jarring effect on your muscles, and cause joint pain all the way up to your back. So, to counter this workout, people have turned to rowing.


It’s a low-impact workout that actually engages different muscle groups as well as raising your heart rate. It strengthens legs, arms, back, and your core, all while giving you a great heart-pumping blast of cardio exercise.

They key is create new and exciting workouts to help you get that ripped body. Here are 7 rowing workouts that can help you achieve your goals.


By using rowing as the key ingredient of a quick workout, you can get a great result even in short times. This one is perfect for those who can’t commit to a long workout every day.

Start with 10 minutes of easy rowing. Then do 5 x 30 seconds of maximum effort rowing sprints followed by 30 seconds rest. Do 2 minutes of air squats off the rowing machine.

Again do 5 x 30 seconds of maximum effort rowing sprints with 30 seconds rest in between. Follow with 2 minutes of push-ups.

Lastly, do 5 x 30 seconds of maximum effort rowing sprints with 30 seconds of rest. Follow with 2 minutes of air squats.

Rowing Ladder

Work your way up and down the ladder with this simple ladder routine. Try to keep your rowing during the workout at a 75% effort level consistently.

Start with 10 minutes of easy rowing. Then, follow this structure. 1 minute of rowing, 1 minute of rest. Do 2 minutes rowing – 2 minutes rest, 3 minutes – 3 minutes rest, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and then 1 minute, following that pattern.

Leaping Back and Forth

Leap back and forth between sprinting and resting with a simple combination. If you can, aim to have a stroke rate of 26-28 per minute.

5 reps of 1-minute rowing – 1-minute rest, followed by a 2-minute rest. Repeat this pattern for 3 rounds, trying to maintain a consist level of output.

Go the Distance

For this workout, don’t focus on time, but on the distance, you travel with your rowing. Try and complete this in as short a time as possible. If you can, aim for a rowing session of under a minute each tim`e.

Start with a 250-meter row, followed by a 1-minute rest. Do this for 10 rounds.

Off and On

Your rowing machine can be incorporated into your workout with other exercises included. Try this one to keep your workout varied and interesting.

Do 30 calories of rowing, followed by 30 kettlebell swings, and then 30 crunches on the mat. Rest for one minute. Do this for 4 rounds in as little time as possible.

More and Less

Change up the frequency of your workouts with this fun challenge.

Row 1000 meters, do 20 pushups

Row 750 meters, then do 30 pushups

Row 500 meters, then do 40 pushups

Row 250 meters, then do 50 pushups.

Coming Down the Mountain

By starting off big on this routine, you’re gradually easing off the rounds and working toward a goal of getting ripped while doing it.

50 squats, 45 calorie row, 40 kettlebell swings, 35 calorie row, 30 sit-ups, 25 calorie row, 20 pushups, 15 calorie row, 10 burpees, and you’re finished!

Hopefully, you now have a good selection of rowing techniques in your arsenal to get an awesome workout that will build muscle and conquer fat.