Andrea GertosioAndrea Gertosio is an architect, interior designer and 3D visualizer with a hunger to work as he travels around the world

Currently, Andrea works as a freelancer and graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

Though young, he’s damm good and has worked on various international projects.

We came across Andrea on Behance and instantly knew of his sheer talent and skills. Read more about him on his Behance profile.

Meet Andrea…..

What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.

Well, I don’t know when I decided to become a designer and architect but it’s a thought that I have since I was a middle-school kid most likely because of the time spent playing with Duplo and Lego!

Also, knowing there’s a career related to all the great kingdoms and amazing worlds I imagined in my mind as a kid was a feeling like no other 😀

Can you remember your first design project? Describe it a bit, whether it is a gizmo you worked at as a little kid or something that was sold at a large scale.

My first design project was a small house (very ugly and with a firepit in the middle of the space) that I had designed in my first year of Architecture.

I received a bad valuation from the professor but it was my first try with a design. I have started designing very late as I was occupied studying other things but interior designing is always what I wanted to do.

What field of design are you most interested in? Do your works have anything to do with it? (We are asking this because not many designers do what they actually want)

Hard question, I’m open to all the things or at least I try to do that, I really want to design “from the spoon to the city”… I have preferences about styles and materials but I don’t want to limit my imagination and the opportunity that will come.

Each project (especially if I haven’t done something similar) is a great challenge and an opportunity for me to achieve new results and improve my skills and knowledge. I’m not afraid of new challenges.

Interior design - Switzerland
Interior design – Switzerland

Chronologically describe what you are going through (feeling and thoughts) on your way to work.

I work from home, my dream is to become a digital nomad and have the opportunity to work from all over the world when I want and on projects that I like (but at the moment it’s only a dream!).

If I’m into a project all my attention is into it. During my free time, I think about the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s not a healthy way to work but sometimes it happens, especially when I’m excited about a new job.

What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site?

I really like the magazine Domus and I follow the Dezeen website. My inspirations as an architect are Renzo Piano, Peter Zumthor, and Kengo Kuma.

What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one?

The most frustrating aspect is the low-income scale (especially here in Italy there is a huge competition between designers and architects) but I do what I love and that’s important for me.

The most rewarding aspect is the final result of an idea, the finished project is always a great gratification for all the effort and time spent in it.

Interior Design - Drawing room, India
Interior Design – Drawing room, India

From your point of view, is design an art or a science?

It depends, if the design is only aesthetic it’s an art, but if it’s also functional and useful it’s both art and science.

Architecture especially is the perfect blend of both as it has to be both beautiful and useful.

Tiny House - Oackland, California
Tiny House – Oackland, California

Let’s say you entered a contest. You have to come up with a design for the first house on the Moon built for extra-terrestrial living. How would your project look like?

It depends on the aspect of the aliens,  Whether they are big or small, need light, heat or something else, after all, a design is a matter of the users.

I need to know their needs to design something functional. Aesthetically it will be beautiful for sure!

If you had no limits (money, resources), what would you create?

I will make a 30 x 30 x 30 meters rock cube block cut with a laser and with all the inside excavated to create the interior, this monolithic block will be placed in the middle of a plain.

Tell us something unusual that happened in your career.

This interview is quite unusual but probably the strangest thing that I have done is the design of a small submarine.

submarine design
Submarine Design

Share something you would like the world to know about you or your ideas.

I believe in the future, if you are good in something try to do it better than everyone else in this world. You should learn this from all rounder interior designer Debbie O Connor, she is an inspiration for most of us.

What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?

I’m still a young designer so I have not great advice to give. I’m growing and this is the real secret I suppose, never stop learning!

If our readers had to follow you on or wanted to reach out, what would be the best way to go about it.

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