Looking for the best foam roller? Read our in-depth foam roller reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2018 to help you make the right buying decision.

Searching for that ultimate Foam Roller to compliment your exercise intensity?  The reviews are in to help you make the perfect decision to meet your workout needs.  Check out the recommendations complete with prices, sizes, styles and more to help you make the right choice for your body.

There are many Foam Rollers to choose from to help you release muscle tension, treat soreness etc.  Features include size, firmness, cost, performance, are just some questions to consider when selecting the right choice for you.

We have reviewed and tested the most popular Foam Rollers and feature the top  6 of the best in 2018.  This product review is just what you need to make the right selection and investment to keep your workout routines as extreme or consistent as you need it to be.

Best Foam Roller for Hard Hitting Workouts

HyperIce Vyper: If your workout resembles a full-time job, chances are you are lifting hard and heavy.  At the end of each extreme training session, you want a roller that releases muscle tension, relaxes tendons and ligaments to increase your next extreme workout’s performance then look no further than the Vyper.

Best Foam Roller for Light Workouts

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller: If the word you use to describe your workout is dedicated, not extreme, you’d probably want something more budget-friendly yet still effective in delivering muscle relief results, then Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller may be a better fit for you.

Best Foam Roller Reviews 2018

In-Depth Foam Roller Reviews

#1 Pick: HyperIce Vyper – Vibrating Foam Roller

Muscle relaxation

A product designed to enhance fitness performance by releasing muscle tension, relaxing tendons and ligaments is an exerciser’s dream product.  Today, working out takes on a whole new commitment level.  People are exercising and giving it everything that they have got.

Pushing their bodies to reach peak performance levels is found in the gym area and the converted garage gym.  With fitness boundaries being explored, people need a product to help their bodies recover faster so they can exercise another day.  That product is the Vyper.HyperIce Vyper


Its technology design is an extremely firm foam roller powered by a lithium-ion core This 3-speed setting recovery roller is engineered with cutting-edge technology that blends fitness and recovery into a roller device that uses pressure and vibration to improve overall body performance.

Performance is improved because the Vyper releases muscle pain which reduces soreness and stiffness.


High impact and intensive workouts are everywhere today.  People need a product like the Vyper to use as their personal massage therapist tool for lasting relief that is instantly felt the moment you start using it.  Roller therapy is taken to the next level with Vyper.

You can tackle your strenuous workouts with no worries when you use the Vyper.  Its vibration and rotation combo makes it an amazing device for muscle recovery.

You can even use it before your workout to increase your flexibility by warming up your muscles with more effectively.


Vyper takes foam roller therapy to the next level.  Its firm foam roller powered by a lithium-ion core makes this an exerciser’s go to for recovery.  Vyper is a firm device but feels great on your body.

This means you can expect it to deliver recovery results and you don’t have to do the rolling; it does it for you.  You just find the spot on your body you want to target and Vyper does the rest. This is the last recovery product you need to buy.

The reviews are in and exercisers love and rate the Vyper 4.8.  This device loosens every muscle to stretch it and release tension.  Its vibration and rotating features work to warm muscles up and loosen them.

Flexibility and range of motion both are improved which allows the trainer to achieve a more effective workout.

#2 Pick: RumbleRoller Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Muscle Release

The last thing exercisers want to do is have an ineffective workout session due to muscle soreness.  The Rumble Roller deep tissue is the ultimate game changer in muscle release.  Having a product that is just bigger and harder is not the answer.

You want flexible knobs that not only roll but go deep enough to release muscle pain.  If you train then you are in pain.  You need a product that keeps your body lose with less tension.  You want Rumble Roller deep tissue as our product of choice every day because it works.RumbleRoller Deep Tissue Foam Roller

The Rumble Roller technology is patented to act as a massage tool.  Its design is a combination of firmness, durability, and shape.  This becomes a great tool to effectively improve your performance by relaxing and release muscle tension and knots.  The Rumble Roller comes complete with a quick start guide to ensure you get the most out of every roll.

Designed technology

Designed with firm bumps that are flexible like thumbs of a massage therapist.  Nobs are designed are asymmetrical in shape so they flex easily in any direction.

This 4.6 rating product comes in two sizes; both sizes are quite equipped and effective.  The price of the Rumble Roller is mid-range. If your budget affords one, either size is capable to meet the massage demand.

Easy to use

Customers everywhere are pleased and satisfied with the results from the Rumble Roller deep tissue. It may look a little bumpy, but oh how those bumps feel like massaging thumbs.  Muscles enjoy the kneading sensation typically experienced during a massage session.

It does not just roll over and muscle it embeds in it.  This stretches muscle tissue in many directions for maximum release.  This is how knots and pressure points get restored and flexibility improves.  Bottom line, this is what every exercise is looking for when it comes to having that extreme workout.

Muscles enjoy the kneading sensation typically experienced during a massage session.  It does not just roll over and muscle it embeds in it.  This stretches muscle tissue in many directions for maximum release.

In order for muscles to move more easily and freely, they must be stretched.  You can use the included guide to see how to work many muscles that often need stretching that you may not currently do.  This product feature helps many exercisers receive maximum muscle release and penetration for relaxation.

#3 Pick: Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller (Best Value for money roller)

Tension Tamer

Dense, tight muscles, tendons and ligaments get a great deep tissue massage with Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller.  If you have been searching for a high-density foam roller to improve your muscle mobility then Trigger Point Grid is right for you.

Trigger Point Grid’s exterior is covered with knobby nodules yet, the Grid rolls well.  That means your body’s muscles benefit from each rolling encounter.  Muscle tension, tendons, and ligaments are relaxed for greater workout performance.

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

The exterior’s knobs are different levels to give the sensation of fingers massaging sore muscles.  The pain felt during your time with Grid is rewarded with a swifter, longer lasting recovery.

The sturdy construction of the Trigger Point Grid holds its form under pressure of large muscles.  It is priced mid-range along-side other high-density foam roller.

But keep in mind that the Trigger Point Grid is not just hollow, it features knobs of different levels to really work into your muscles.

It comes on one side but It’s compact which makes it easy to bring your own right into your gym bag.  Its design focuses on heavy, dense muscle tissue so target areas on your body where you believe muscles need extra pressure and attention.

Design features

Trigger Point Grid is made with a patented foam to bring levels of density on the exterior of its ridged hollow center.  This material is designed to hold its shape even after repeated use.

Covering the foam is a knobby exterior for extra firmness.  It holds up to 500 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.  This gives extreme and hardcore exercisers a product that goes deep into their knotted muscles and delivers mobility.

Designed to perform

If you are looking for a roller that is versatile, lightweight, made with high-density compressed foam and affordable then you must check out Trigger Point Grid.

This does it you massage roller is designed to help your muscles move more freely and easily.  Priced premium with a whopping rating 4.7 you want to invest in this roller because it works.

#4 Pick: RumbleRoller – Muscle Foam Roller

Massager Therapy

Experienced exercisers know that all rollers are not the same.  Size, density, and diameter matter when it comes to reaching and releasing those muscles.  Rumble Roller tweaked their product to make just the right changes that make all the difference.

With the Rumble, Roller muscles feel better longer.  The large knob design mimics thumbs all over it to feel like a body massage.  As it rolls over your muscles you get the sensation of hands doing the work instead of the roller.  The knobs are flexible so they mold your muscles as it rolls over them.

RumbleRoller - Muscle Foam Roller

The Rumble Roller’s knobs are heightened to deliver deeper penetration with every roll.  Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not just pushed, but get kneading to break up knots and smooth out muscle tissue.

Another benefit of the knobs depth is the product’s ability to perform well on all body parts.  It really gets into the nooks and crannies of the body.

Use your Rumble Roller to roll up and down, side to side and just cover every inch of muscle territory. You are reminded of a massage session because the knobs feel like thumbs working their way into your muscle tissue.  It is a soothing and enjoyable experience every hardcore and easy going exercise should have.

Patent Design

The Rumble Roller is covered with a pattern of textured bumps of various levels.  These nodules are firm but flexible to so they give the sensation of a massage from a therapist’s thumbs.

Built with durable materials to last and last.  This 4.7 rating product is priced mid-range at $45.00.  It is even backed by a 3-year warranty.

Ultimate self-massage

Get the body and muscle massage you have been searching for the Rumble Roller.  Committed exercisers know the value of a good massage.  It takes their next workout to a higher level.

The use of Rumble Roller foam allows you to manipulate your muscles to reach and release the pain.  The range of motion and flexibility improve so you can experience real muscle freedom during your workout.

The goal of every foam roller is deep muscle, tendon and ligament relaxation; that is what you get with Rumble Roller.  This self-applied muscle therapy helps reduce your risk of injury.

A body that is warmer and more flexible performs better and recovers at a more efficient rate. This is just one of many reasons why you need a Rumble Roller before, during and after your workout.

#5 Pick: OPTP PRO-Standard Density Foam Roller

OPTP PRO-Standard Density Foam Roller

Improve flexibility

Use the OPTP Pro-Roller as a massage tool to keep your muscles relaxed for maximum exercise performance.  Daily usage of the foam improves and builds flexibility and improve your overall range of motion.  This means less soreness and possible reduction in injury.  This is because the Pro-Roller warms up the muscles first for greater performance.

Relaxed muscles make any workout performance better.  People committed to fitness use the OPTP Pro-Roller for its soft but supportive form.  Rated at a 4.6, the OPTP Pro-Roller is priced mid-range.  This roller was designed to increase the range of motion and flexibility while gently massaging your muscles.

Engineered Design

This roller is made of high-quality material to create a product that is durable and long-lasting.  Its technology consists of cross-linked, closed-cell construction which makes it durable but also soft.

Pain therapy

Users love the OPTP Pro-Roller for so much more than muscle relaxation.  The Roller proves effective in relieving pain due to chronic injuries.

The product is more user-friendly for fitness and exercise buffs that are just as committed to exercise as extreme trainers.

Because of their versatile use of massaging muscles and easing the pain, they are used daily.  They are easy to clean so you can use it over and over again.

#6 Pick: Amazon Basics – Round Foam Roller

Effective and budget friendly

People committed to exercising daily know the body cannot help but have aches and pains.  It is a byproduct of exercise.  Foam rollers play a significant role in relieving those aches and pains, but some can be quite costly.

Others, like the Amazon Basics Roller, is an affordable tool designed to help speed muscle recovery.  At $18.99 with a 4.6 rating; it is a cost-friendly foam roller used to reach those tight muscles and tendons for better performance and recovery.

Amazon Basics – Round Foam Roller


Amazon Basics Roller is made of quality high-density foam with molded edges for durability that lasts for years to come.  It keeps its shape even after heavy use and is great for all body types.

It’s also lightweight so it travels well.  With a 4.1 rating, there is a 12, 18 and 36inch roller to choose from.  It is a product you can take anywhere and instantly give yourself a pain-relieving massage. It is one of the firmest foam rollers you can buy.

Muscle Restoration

The Amazon Basics Foam Roller is capable of relieving muscle soreness. It is made from polypropylene, one of the most versatile types of plastics.  This means it is strong and durable enough to reach those muscle knots and relax them away.

This roller does the job and does it well.  Kinks and knots are released which relaxes tight muscles so you can perform better.  A deep tissue massage has nothing on this product.  It relieves the aches and pains of your muscles.  Once released, your performance should improve greatly.

Without proper muscle relaxation, workout performance suffers.  This is especially true with today’s extreme workout regimens.  Amazon Basics Foam Roller comes to the rescue for speedier recovery between workouts.

USA product

Another great feature is the number of sizes to choose from.  Purchase a 12, 18 and 36inch roller for a complete variety of sizes to target all muscle areas.  Amazon Basics Foam Roller is made in the USA.

If you want a product home-grown and reasonably priced, then Amazon Basics is for you.  It is quality made to perform and last.  This product effectively aides in your muscle recovery and improves flexibility, all at an affordable price.


Best Foam Roller
  • HyperIce Vyper
  • RumbleRoller Deep Tissue Foam Roller
  • Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller
  • RumbleRoller - Muscle Foam Roller
  • OPTP PRO-Standard Density Foam Roller
  • Amazon Basics – Round Foam Roller


Need a top-notch foam roller? The HyperIce Vyper – Vibrating Foam Roller is the ultimate pick. Its cutting-edge technology makes use of pressure and vibration for releasing muscle tension, relaxing tendons and ligaments.

On a tight budget? The Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller is our top pick. It’s cheap and lightweight making it easy to carry and store and offers great comfort and firmness to treat muscles soreness etc.