Most of us dread going to the office because well, come on, sitting at your desk the whole day looking at a bunch of appointments is exactly nobody’s idea of fun. Getting up in the morning can be a pain and getting ready for work doesn’t make it any more exciting.


But with the help of these 5 yoga poses, you can start looking forward to your day and survive it if not completely enjoy it.

#1 Up and Stretch – Sitting Reed Pose

Sitting Reed Pose helps you start your day with a yoga pose sitting on your bed itself. Doesn’t that sound a perfect start to your perfect day?

What you have to do is sit on the edge of your bed and interlace your fingers while stretching your arms up towards the ceiling. Take in a deep breath and feel your body open. Now exhale while tilting towards your right side, you will feel your left side of body stretch and open. Now take a deep breath in while coming back to the center and go again to the other side. Repeat this for a few minutes, you will feel instantly energized and ready to take down your day.

#2 Shut it down – Centering Mountain

Centering Mountain pose is the simplest of the yoga poses which can be done anywhere and anytime on short notice. You can do this on a bus, in office, while walking, anytime and find your center with this pose.

You can sit or stand. Feel a lift from the center point of your body, starting from the base of your hip to the crown of your head. Shut your eyes and let go of your nearby surroundings. Take slow deep breaths and feel the quite centering and calmness which enters your body as your inhales and exhales become even and constant. Once you learn this centering technique, you can use it any time of the day. You will feel warmth and peacefulness in no time at all.


#3 Cow Face Yoga Pose

You can do this pose while sitting anywhere, in your office, bed or kitchen chair for that matter. All you need for this is a chair where you could sit on comfortably. It is said that if you’re working on a computer all day, you should take a break every 15 minutes to stretch out your neck and back. This pose is perfect for those breaks.

All you have to do is take your right hand and bring it near your upper back. Now get your left hand behind your back and try to touch your right hand but don’t force it if it is not touching. Hold for 5-8 seconds and feel your body stretch throughout your back and shoulder. Now switch the sides and repeat the whole process for another 5 minutes.

Cow-Face-Yoga Pose

#4 Seated twists

Seated twists are considered to be best to prepare your digestive system when you are about to eat. All you have to do is twist on your chair and let your body do all the work.

Make sure you sit with your knees and feet together and then lift your spine by taking in a deep breath. Turn your body to the right once you start exhaling. Keep your left hand on your outer right thigh and keep your right hand behind on your right side itself. Don’t forget to drop your shoulder blades from your ear. Hold this position for 5-8 breaths and then switch the sides.


#5 Bend it – Standing Forward Bend pose

Standing Forward Bend pose can be one of the best poses to relax your body for a long office day. All you have to do is allow 5-10 minutes for this exercise every day specifically on the yoga mat. It is beneficial for your digestive system and circulation and helps with back pain too. You can stretch your hamstring, arms and back with just a few simple steps.

Stand erect with your hands resting on either side of your body with your palms facing your thighs. Take a deep breath and lift up your hands. Now with a gradual exhale, bend forward while letting your torso and hands to move in a synchronized order until you touch the matt. Make sure you are looking at the floor the entire time of your bending. Keep this pose for a count of 15 and then slowly come back to your initial position.

Once you start doing all these yoga poses before or during your office day, you will feel energized and ready to take on your office day with a new kindred spirit. So what are you waiting for? Go and start feeling revived now.