A circular saw is an essential tool for carpenters or DIYers planning to take up more wood projects and our buyer’s guide will help make the ultimate pick.

Granted, it won’t be as consistently used as other woodworking tools, however, once you have the need of it you will see that it is practically irreplaceable.

One of the great things about a circular saw is that they last for a long time so once you buy it and take care of it properly, you can most likely use it for the next 20 years quite effectively.

However, we realize that not everyone is aware of a circular saw and its uses and if you are new in this area, then you might need some help in figuring out the best product for yourself. So, we have listed down a few top things that you should consider before you buy a circular saw for yourself.


The first thing to know about a circular saw is that it usually comes in two styles: Worm-drive style and Sidewinders style. A Worm-drive saw is usually short and long and has a handle behind their blade, on the left side of the blade, which will make it easier for you to spot if you are a right-handed user. They are a little heavier and produce more torque than a sidewinder.

A Sidewinder saw is the most commonly used circular saw and has the handle set higher over the blade which can be located on the right side of the saw.

They spin faster and are considerably cheaper than a worm saw which makes them quite appealing to most woodworkers. They are also lighter which makes them an excellent choice for a home workshop.

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Blade Size

Another important thing to consider is the blade size which can be categorized by the diameter of their blade. You can use a blade with a size of 7 ¼ inches as this is a quite useful and versatile blade size and is really effective in cutting materials that are more than 3-inches thick. You can also use this blade size to cut a variety of materials apart from wood.


Although a lot of you might disregard this point, however, it is crucial that you pay careful attention to this factor if you want to use your circular saw comfortably for an extended period of time.

circular saw handle

A sidewinder saw can end up looking same from afar but once you hold it in your hand, you will see how different each of these models are. So make sure that you test out the circular saw in a local tool shop before you end up buying one for yourself.

Check if the handle feels comfortable and light in your hand and if it feels balanced. Check if the blade is visible to you and if it is easy to make the adjustments. Once you have made these checks, only then you should buy the tool for yourself.

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Blades Types

circular saw blade guide

You will find that most circular saws will come with a default wood-cutting blade which comes with a carbide tip and is efficient for most woodworking jobs but you must remember that there are many different types of blades available and each has their own use and purpose.

You will find different blades for cutting through wood, metal, tiles and so on. Another important thing to remember is that you would need a blade with more number of teeth if you are going for a cleaner cut.

Corded or Cordless

Another important feature to consider is the cordless feature. Although a cordless circular saw makes it easy to your tool anywhere and anyplace that you want but it can also be a little expensive.

A corded circular saw is a better choice for your home workshop as it would be cheaper and easier to use. You can use an extension whenever the outlet is too far away from your work area or you can select a saw which comes with a longer cord.

Although a cordless saw is really convenient and has improved in their power and durability which makes it a popular choice for most professionals.

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Another crucial thing to consider is the power of the circular saw. You must know by now that a circular saw with high power performs better and often works faster than a circular saw with low motor power so make sure that you have a saw with 15A power. You can also go for a saw with a 10A or 12A of power but these would not be suitable for a regular woodworking project.