Is your kitchen the same old dull place where you’d just cook and leave? Doesn’t have to be anymore. Here is how you can give your kitchen a modern makeover.

Times have changed as with it have the kitchen. Modern kitchens are as much about aesthetics as they are about convenience. Aesthetics are what separate a modern kitchen from a traditional one.

Traditionally, people used to be budget – oriented and a lot less experimental with the colors, design, and looks of their kitchen. With time, people have come to privilege anything and everything that leaves a good impression over the budget!

Like everything modern, it not only has to look good but feels good as well in order to give you a happy cooking experience.

If you are looking to transform your dull and boring kitchen into a modern one, few handy tips are listed below:

Start with a Pleasant Theme

Themes rule the modern home. Whether it is the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen decorating in accordance to a theme is your first step to going modern. The kinds of colors you are going to use largely determine the theme.

If your kitchen is in a small space, it is advisable to use light and pastel shades like white, blue, beige, sea green, etc. having light colors in the background will add to the sense of spaciousness.

Instead of playing safe with light colors, try to make the space vibrant by painting at a few directly visible corners, using plants or bright colorful lights to cheer up the place.

Going all black and white could also help you add a contemporary as well as classic feel to the kitchen.

If you have ample space, it is always a great idea to experiment and add a splash of bold bright colors like red, orange, pink, green, etc. Be careful not to go overboard with the colors since that could make your kitchen look cramped and claustrophobic!

You could try using different colors for different sections. If you are going for a single colored theme, try to balance the vibrancy with wooden or steel furnishings.

coloured kitchen walls

Concealed Storage

You need to store things in a manner that they don’t meet the eye directly while creating an illusion of additional space at the same time. Concealed storage is a trademark of any modern kitchen. Hide away everything that is large, extra and is not used frequently on the top most cabinet of the kitchen to minimalize visual clutter.

Next, designate a place for everything based on its size and use to have things sorted.

If you are not pressed for space, exposed cabinetry and open shelving are some of the latest trends in a modern kitchen.

This means that you will be one of those hyper organized ones where the crockery and appliances will also be in sync with the theme!!

If the idea of an open cabinet sounds risky to you, you can opt for glass cabinets instead.

Cabinet For Kitchen Storage

Space Management

No matter how far and wide your kitchen is spread, if you fail to manage the space smartly, it would end up looking messy and cramped.

If your kitchen is a small one, it would be ideal to incorporate wrap around countertops with cabinets underneath to make full use of the available space. Have shelves and cabinets pinned to the walls to save space in the center?

Alternatively, you could also go for some high, out-of-reach cabinets to draw the eyes upwards and make things appear spacious. You can also enhance the vertical dimension of your kitchen by decorating the ceiling with lights or art in a manner that draws attention upwards rather than horizontally.

Comfort and Convenience

These are the two of the most important aspects of your kitchen. And since you’re going to spend considerable time planning these out, you might as well do it artistically!

Always make an investment in the high end, modern accessories that have a sleek yet strong look and are also easy to use. You could add small silver or brass accents to add a touch of sophistication.

An interesting idea to accentuate open cabinets is by painting on their insides with bright colors or using wallpapers that go with your theme. In case your kitchen has those high, out of reach cabinets, you can place a small painted wooden ladder beside them to ease access and add convenience.

Almost all modern kitchens include a seating section or small, easy to hide furniture for comfort. These also offer a lot of scopes to enhance the looks of your kitchen. Feel free to experiment with some quirky designs and colors to give your kitchen a unique look.

If you wish to keep things simple yet stylish, try bringing wood and metal together. Whatever be the furniture, make sure it has a lightweight appearance to make your kitchen look airy and comfortable.