Decorating the master bedroom is tough but not mission impossible. Here are a few master bedroom decoration hacks to make it your dream haven.

Even though having the best of everything is not always possible, the next time you have enough space to spare and your budget allows you to make a hefty investment, a few things you must consider adding to your bedroom are:

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A sitting area

It is important to have a sitting area in one corner of the master bedroom because practically no one can be on the bed all the time! A sitting area allows you to sit and read, work, contemplate or simply enjoy the view. Therefore, make sure it is situated in a place that receives enough natural as well as artificial light.

The sitting area gives you another opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom by placing furniture that complements its theme. You could place a couch, a sofa or a comfortable chair along with a small table as per your need. It is going to be of great help even while you’re dressing up, wearing/ removing shoes so that dust couldn’t enter, folding clothes or simply have your evening tea you can either use a canister vacuum to clean the mess quickly.

Bathroom and Laundry Area

Most modern bedrooms are designed with an open bathroom. However, if you are planning to have a sitting and a dressing area as well, it is advisable to keep the bathroom separated in order to keep the odors and humidity at bay. Doing so will also allow the bathroom and the dressing area to be used separately.

If you wish to have the ideal bathing experience, consider adding a deep soaking tub along with a radiant floor heating system to the bathroom. It is also advisable to have an area or at least a basket reserved for laundry, somewhere between the bathroom and the dressing area to avoid creating a mess with the used clothes in the bedroom.

Give it a Personal Touch

Master bedrooms are as much about peace and calm as they are about comfort. It is always a great idea to include in it things that remind you of happy moments and instill positivity, for example, your artwork, family photographs, spiritual belongings, etc.

You could also include things like flowers, music, television, bookshelves, etc in a cozy corner of your master bedroom to uplift your mood every time you enter it after a long tiring day at work. Just like the colors of your bedroom, these things are also a reflection of your personality and will give a magical essence to your bedroom

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Dressing Area

The dressing area of your bedroom requires careful planning. You have to take care of the needs of anyone who might be using it: right from placing the mirror at a height that is fit to be used by not just you but your partner as well to making/ leaving enough space in the closets to accommodate their belongings. The lights you will be using in this area also need special attention

Generally, a grooming station comprising of a full-length mirror, a sink, a small chair and a counter space large enough to hold yours as well your partner’s belongings is all that you need to have a private dressing area. It is advisable to keep this portion of your bedroom segregated from the rest.

It’s incomplete without a….Fire Place

Even though the significance of a fireplace has diminished over decades, it still remains one of the most antique as well as the most sought after feature for any bedroom. It adds a touch of warmth as well as luxury to your master bedroom, making it all the more desirable.

A wood burning fireplace might seem a misfit in your modern master bedroom because of the care it requires and not to forget, the pollution it creates. The gas fireplaces offer a pleasant substitute as they are available in a range of shapes and sizes and are also easy to maintain.