Decorating the master bedroom is tough but not mission impossible. Here are a few master bedroom decoration hacks to make it your dream haven.

No matter how and where our day is spent, by the end of it all we want is to return to the comfort of our own bedroom. By definition, the master bedroom is the largest room of our homes and the quality of time we spend here has a direct impact on our day.

The significance of our bedrooms is evident from the fact most of us find it difficult to get a sound sleep at any place except our own bedroom!

Therefore, it is extremely important that our bedroom has a pleasant ambiance that gives us comforting and positive vibes. Every single detail, from upgrading the basic amenities to getting additional features, has to be taken care of in order to achieve this.

Having that perfectly planned master bedroom is a dream come true for any of us. Here is a list of things you must keep in mind while planning your master bedroom:

Colors and Theme

Giving a theme to your master bedroom is a must. You cannot simply put things together haphazardly and name it a master bedroom. Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality and nothing can help you do it better than colors! While bright colors radiate energy, dark colors are believed to cause the sleep disorder. Depending on the need, whether you use your bedroom for work or only as a den to relax, you can use either of the colors or a combination of both.

If you can’t decide on either, it is recommended that you use lighter shades like white, blue, gray, yellow, etc. as they have a calming effect on the mind and also create the illusion of a larger, spacious area.

Very often people neglect the floors and the ceilings while giving a theme to their bedroom. Take care that the floors and the ceilings are as important as the walls and the doors are to complete the theme of your bedroom.

bedroom theme

The Location

The master bedroom of the house has to have the best possible location. This means it has to be the largest, the most peaceful and the most private corner of the house along with the one that offers the best view. Your bedroom will need little decoration on the interiors if you have a splendid view on the outdoors.

You can either have the bedroom on the ground floor if you have a garden to complement its view or take it to the first or the second floor if you wish to keep it isolated from the rest of the house. Even if you aren’t blessed with a great view, you can experiment and try to make the existing one as dramatic as possible.

Doors and Windows

Since the very idea of a master bedroom is to give you some private space away from the world, it is advisable to not have doors that can be easily accessed from other parts of the house. It would be ideal if you could have doors that open in the exteriors such as a garden, if your bedroom is on the ground floor or a balcony, in case it is upstairs.

In order to enjoy the best views, you bedroom needs big windows without compromising your privacy. In case you plan to have a dark theme for the bedroom, windows will help you strike the right balance between light and dark.


You can experiment with various kinds of artificial lighting in a master bedroom. Apart from the practical usage of reading lights and LEDs, lights are a great option to accentuate the décor of your bedroom and make it bright and vibrant. You can add a chandelier to enhance the aesthetics of your ceiling and have the center of the bedroom illuminated or place candle holders at the corners for some romantic lighting.

Since the master bedroom is a large space, not every corner of it has to be illuminated all the time. It is important to have a bedside lamp for a subtle and intimate lighting while you are reading or working

The Bed

Your bed is going to be the center of attraction for your bedroom and therefore it is important that you invest in something that is high in quality. Make sure that your bed not just looks great but feels great as well. If you have to make a choice, opt for a simple yet comfortable bed over something grand.

comfortable sleep

It is advisable to invest in mattresses such as a memory foam mattress which is designed to target sleep problems like tossing, turning/partner movement, back pain, lack of support, etc. Similarly, the kind of bedding you opt for, from pillows to sheets to quilts, etc. plays an important role to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. Apart from the design, make sure they are made from high-quality materials like organic cotton, sateen, etc.