Need a few tips to decorate a small kitchen? Well, we give you 99 ideas you’ll absolutely love.

Our kitchens are supposed to be one of the most important areas of our homes. It is practically impossible to begin or end the day without paying a visit to this sacred corner. Over the years, the trend of reserving the largest corner of a house as the kitchen space has declined. Even though the size of our kitchens has decreased, its importance remains the same.

How and what you find in your kitchen has a direct impact on not just your mood but your health as well. To manage things efficiently, it is important to have the kitchen sorted and organized. This can be quite a task if you have limited space to spare for your kitchen.


When it comes to decoration, small kitchens offer a limited scope. However, that should not prevent you from fulfilling your dream of a beautifully organized kitchen space. Here are a few smart ways to help style your existing kitchen space to make it aesthetically pleasing as well as organized:

Use light colors to create an illusion of a larger space

Choosing the right colors is crucial to provide a background that brings in a little depth to your kitchen space. Dark rooms often end up looking smaller than usual while the lighter shades provide a fresh and spacious aura. Using wallpapers in lighter shades will add depth, charm as well as elegance to your kitchen.

In case your kitchen theme is something where dark colors are prominent, you could lighten them up using LED lights to make a small kitchen look bigger and brighter. You can experiment by fixing lights below the shelves to enlighten the countertop while drawing attention away from the darker furnishings of your kitchen

Use countertops to give your kitchen a modern look

Induction countertops are a great idea to renovate your kitchen to give it a modern and spacious look. In case of small kitchens, two kinds of countertops are is highly recommended:

A wrap around countertop

This will help you utilize the available space to the maximum. Quite often, some area around the traditional countertops always went unused and wasted. With the wrap around countertops, you can easily utilize this space to the fullest.

A pull out/drop down countertop

The greatest advantage of a pull-out or a drop down countertop is that it can be easily stored out of the way once its use is over. This means maximum functionality as you will be able to use the same space for more than one activity.

Add to the existing counter space

You could also try adding to the existing counter space instead of going for a complete renovation by placing a movable/portable butcher block in the kitchen. You can easily do away with it once the work is done or you could even clear it up to serve as a dining space.

Manage storage space efficiently to keep your kitchen clutter-free:

The key to decluttering your kitchen space is to look and even create extra space if need be. You can look for extra space by removing all the unused and unwanted items from your kitchen shelves, drawers and cabinets. It is a common error for us to stock up things that we feel we might need some time in the future in our kitchen.

Pushing them to the rear end of the drawers or cabinets will offer little help! You really need to get rid of anything that you haven’t used for a while and everything you will not be used for a while from your kitchen. If you cannot afford to throw them, please try moving them to a new place. Use the ample space you are now left with to place things like jars, mixer grinders, teapots, etc. that create a visual clutter.

Apart from this, you can create additional space by using the following means:

  1. You could try adding narrow shelves or racks to hold your cookbooks and other small items.
  2. Put up a bar with some hooks to hang tools that demand too much space on the shelves.
  3. You could also try hanging a basket or two to hold smaller items that you use frequently.
  4. If your kitchen happens to be near the staircase, the wasted space below the staircase can be used for storage purposes as well.

kitchen storage

Place compact furniture to have a comfortable as well as a neat kitchen:

Including furniture in your kitchen will add a comfortable, relaxing touch to it.  Having a large dining table in the center with 4-6 chairs around it is not always necessary. If you plan smart, you can have the luxury of having your favorite meal in a cozy corner of your kitchen, even if it is small.

We often fail to utilize the corners of our kitchens to the fullest. All you need to do is clear up one such corner and place a small table for two and chairs to make space for your meals as well as tea time.

Alternatively, you could place simple barstools and use the countertop as a dining table, in case you are really pressed for space. These will not only occupy minimum space but can be easily stored under the countertops when not in use.

Use glass and mirrors to enhance the aesthetics of a small kitchen:

You can make use of a mirror or a glass finish on cabinet doors to enlarge a small kitchen since it creates an illusion of a much bigger space. Though bold colors like black and dark brown are often the classic choices when it comes to cabinets, it is advisable to avoid them in case of small kitchens but in case you still love them here’s how to paint right with bold colors.

The simple reason is that they take a lot away from the depth, by falling right in front of the eyes and blocking the view, unlike their glass counterparts. You could also try placing a mirror on your kitchen wall as it will reflect light to make your kitchen look brighter.

99 Kitchen Decoration Ideas

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