If your showerhead is leaky, rusty or clogged and is not allowing you to enjoy your long showers, if you are bored of the same old shower in your bathroom and want to get rid of it by revamping your shower place, or if your showerhead has turned really old and refuses to work, wait no more to get it changed/reinstalled.

You can now get your old shower head replaced and install a brand new one without any external help or expensive plumber appointments.

Installing a new showerhead can seem to be very complicated but it is actually not. Fix your showerheads by your own without much efforts. When doing it on your own, it is not even very costly and might cost you as low as just $25.

You will need a few things at hand for the process to start like new shower head, new shower arm if required, wrench to tighten, plumber’s tape, and mouth pliers. These can be purchased in any supply store.

You could definitely hire a plumber but for somebody who is new to DIYs but like doing them, this is the perfect start as it is not too tough and ends up with satisfying results almost every time.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be ready with a brand new shower head! (Source)

  • First and foremost step is to gather all the necessary materials at your hand’s reach.
  • Make sure all the shower knobs are turned off in order to avoid any water leakage/wastage.
  • An optional thing to do is to lay a blanket on the floor to avoid any bits falling here and there. You can also cover the drain with something so that nothing falls in it to clog it later.
  • Now start by removing the old shower head by unscrewing it from the pipe arm. Pliers will help you get started with this step.
  • If the old shower arm is rusty, remove it too. If it is in the condition to be used further, remove it and wipe it with a clean rag to clean any threads or rust and build up grime.
  • Now screw the new shower arm in place of the old one (if the old one is being disposed off) by screwing it into the plumbing pipe in the wall. Over the arm, slide a new collar to strengthen the attachment.
  • Take the plumber’s tape and start wrapping the end of the shower arm. To avoid the tape bulging while it is attached to the new shower head, wrap it clockwise.
  • Start screwing the new shower head onto the end of the shower arm. Tighten the head with your hand or a wrench. Spot the base of the shower head and tighten it with pliers too.
  • If by any chance there is an extension hose to your showerhead, attach it also by screwing it onto the shower head and the other side to the body sprayer.

Turn on the water to check the whole mechanism. There should be no drips or clogs. If there is still some leakage, tighten the shower head and/or hose once again.