Yoga is an art which helps in boosting your strength and posture and guess what? It’s not just beneficial for hippie girls anymore. So all you weight lifters out there who think Yoga is probably a waste of time, I guess it’s time you put your weights down and give yoga a try.


Yoga not only helps in increasing your flexibility but it is quite beneficial to athletes also who are prone to a lot of injuries and pain. Don’t you believe me? Well, see for yourself.

More flexibility

Imagine all those Matrix movies you have seen and now imagine yourself doing that. Yes, it sounds incredible right? But that is exactly what Yoga can teach you.

A lot of players injure themselves because they use the same muscles again and again which results in tight muscles. As a result, when a player needs to make some sudden movement and needs the help of his other muscles, which are at this point untrained it results in a tear in the muscles and well we all know what comes next.

Elastic muscles and supple joint points are the key to efficiency and help you in recovering quickly and all this is possible through Yoga. Increasing your flexibility means increased range of motion and in turn output of power which could prove to be beneficial during any point of the game. Still, think yoga is for girls?

Mental Toughness

While physical training and body building are important, learning the art to quieten your mind is equally important. Many athletes talk about “being in the zone” when playing a big shot. Well, guess what? Yoga is all about helping you be in the present and quieten your mind so that you can make your shot count.

Yoga will make you aware of your body and mind and help you focus on your game more intensely. Distracted by crowds? Yoga would build up your concentration to such a level that after some time you won’t even notice they are there.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, yoga also proves to be a nice way to restore all your mental energy which you used up in the game. Yoga helps you to unplug yourself anywhere anytime, so if you feel too overwhelmed after your games then I would suggest you start doing Yoga.

Increased Muscle Function

Even though yoga is a combination of a lot of things but on a basic level, it’s all about breath and movement. Yoga helps you in relaxing and focusing on deep breaths which in turn results in more oxygen intake and more body awareness.

Better breathing techniques help in preventing muscle fatigue, side stitches, and erratic breathing. Imagine you playing for hours on the field and not experiencing any stitches or fatigue, sounds like a dream right? But this is all possible with a few Yoga workouts every day.

While training is the heart of any routine, yoga is the soul and both are equally important. So next time when you think that yoga is just for girls wearing hot pants, think again. You never know but it might just help you win that match which you’ve been anxious about for days now.