The living room is where you ‘live’ but do you? Give your living room the attention and decor it deserves with these simple ideas.

The living room is quite a significant corner of your home. Anyone who visits your place will spend a considerable time of their stay here. Unlike the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom which are used personally, the living room is the only space often used by outsiders as well. Therefore it is important to have it in a condition that leaves a pleasant and lasting impression on everyone.

Like everything else the living room also reflects your personality. Since it will be frequently visited by guests, it is important that it must be cleaned daily with the help of Vacuum Cleaner so that it has a positive and inviting ambiance.

At the same time, it should also look comfortable and spacious. Here are a few tips that could help you decorate your living room to perfection:

Go with some light yet vibrant colors

It is always a good idea to use light and neutral shades to make the place look bigger and brighter. However, no one would want their ‘living’ room to look dead or boring and thus it’s important to have colorful accessories to balance the neutral shades.

A very modern idea to add a vibrant touch to your living room is by having drapes/ curtains in bold colors and rich fabrics. The floor-to-ceiling drapes also add length to make your living room look spacious.

You could make a statement by giving a vibrant theme to any of the walls that fall right in front of the eyes. While neutral shades will give your living room a calming essence, the bright and vibrant colors will give it a pleasant welcoming touch.

vibrant paint in living room

Make comfort a priority

For a warm and inviting looking room, comfort is the priority. Neglecting this aspect of decoration is a common mistake. However, it is of utmost importance when it comes to having an impressive living room.

A soft rug to take care of your feet against the cold floor, pillows and cushions for additional back support or a cozy throw blanket next to the sofa are a few things that could make your living room cozy and comforting. You could also use things to add a splash of vibrant color to it.

Furniture is Everything (Almost)

Since we spend a considerable amount of time with family and friends in our living rooms, having sufficient yet comfortable furniture is important. The kind of furniture you use has a significant impact on the theme and look of your living room thus always use furniture that has a lightweight appearance to give the room a more sorted and spacious look.

Your living room can never feel complete without a comfortable sofa in front of the TV or near a fireplace. Apart from that, a coffee table is a very useful accessory to place things like books, snacks, TV remote, etc.

You could experiment with vibrant, quirky designs and colors in case your living room has a neutral background. If your living room is themed in bright colors, you could use the simple yet classic wood furniture to create a balance.

Show Your Personality with subtle personal touches

Our homes are a reflection of our personality and lifestyle. You can afford to have the bedroom in any way that pleases you . . . too dark or too bright, but not the living room. Your living room is exposed to the outer world and therefore needs to have a balanced ambiance.

You could put your framed artworks, showpieces, paintings or spiritual belongings that reveal your tastes and interests. Apart from a television, you could also keep books, musical instruments or board games to make your living room entertaining.

You must be careful to decorate your living room with things that leave a positive impression on people.

The idea is to make others feel welcome as you are sharing a part of your life with them.

  • Entertainment is a must
  • to decorate Bring in a touch of nature with plants

Living rooms are all about ease and comfort. And nothing can compare with the calming essence of nature. It would be a great idea to have some plants integrated into the theme of your living room. They would also bring some welcome shades of green to enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

living room with TV and fireplace


The fireplace was a common feature in traditional living rooms. Today, however, it is one of the most sought after accessories. It adds a classic sophisticated touch to the place. If you have space and the budget to incorporate a fireplace in your living room, it is definitely going to make an impressive statement.