Choosing the right Karaoke Music System is important if you want to have a fun and memorable karaoke party and it mostly comes down to finding the right brand. So here are our top 5 picks for 2018.

If you don’t have a proper karaoke system or a good sound system, then your karaoke party could turn from a fun affair to a sordid affair quite quickly.

This is why one should always select a good Karaoke machine from the top brands to ensure that they get their money’s worth and are in safe and reliable hands. Are you looking for a new Karaoke system for your place? Having trouble in choosing a good-quality karaoke music system?

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top most brands to consider when buying a Karaoke Music System to ensure that you get the best product for your fun and entertaining Karaoke nights!

Singing Machine

Singing MachineIf you’ve got kids at home that you’d like to keep busy for hours, we’ve got good news for you. Singing Machine manufactures some of the top rated karaoke machines for kids. This brand offers you really amazing karaoke systems at a budget-friendly cost which not only produce a high-quality sound but also adds a little glam to your Karaoke parties.

Most of the Singing Machine products are funky and glamorous to look at and come in really colorful combination. Apart from being colorful and glittery in appearance, it also offers many amazing features like disco lights, two audio input jacks, and so on.

With this brand, you can be sure that you can have a fun time while singing duets with your loved ones! Most of the karaoke systems by this brand can accept more than one music formats which makes it quite versatile and popular among Karaoke lovers.

SML-385W is one of the most popular karaoke systems by this brand which allows you to connect to most music devices to play a variety of songs and is quite easy to control which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. It also has colorful lights which makes it quite appealing to the kids.



One of the most popular Karaoke system brands, Singtrix offers you a professional feel while making the whole set up and controlling process easier and simpler.

The Karaoke systems by this brand usually come with a mic stand too which makes you feel like a rockstar and lets you live the rockstar dream that you always wished to experience. It usually includes a small monitor and a speaker system with its karaoke systems which make it easier to read the lyrics and produce a high but clear sound.

Singtrix Party Bundle SGTX1 is one of the most popular karaoke machines by this brand which is considered to be the best professional karaoke system on the market right now. It offers you 300 voice effects, pitch correctness, gender-bending effects, and so on to make you sound more amazing and soulful and you can connect this karaoke system to literally any music device!


Another popular Karaoke Music System brand that one should consider is the ION brand. This brand has been here for a long time and is quite popular for its audio accessories and over the years has manufactured some of the most unique and highly rated karaoke machines.

These karaoke systems can last around 40-50 hours continuously which makes them a hit at the Karaoke parties. If you have a lot of Karaoke events at your place, then Ion karaoke systems are the perfect choice for you.

Apart from lasting for a long time, it also features Bluetooth in its karaoke systems which makes it easier to connect to multiple audio devices and play thousands of songs with great ease.

It often provides high woofer system wide-dispersion tweeter which helps in providing clear and loud sound. You can also use the auxiliary or USB cable port in these karaoke systems to connect to your laptop or charge your mobile devices.

Ion Audio Tailgater is a popular karaoke system which offers you a chance to experience your own home karaoke party with amazing sound and battery backup.



If you are looking for a professional Karaoke system then Electrohome is the perfect brand for you. Electrohome produces one of the most amazing karaoke systems which are perfect to host a Karaoke party any place at any time. It offers some really amazing features which make you feel like a rockstar.

These karaoke machines can connect to any phone or tablet to play some upbeat music which makes these machines really versatile. They also offer a sleek and modern design in their Karaoke systems which makes you look more like a professional and goes well with your home accessories.

Electrohome’s CD+G player w/2 Mic Connections is quite popular among Karaoke users as it offers you an amazing digital connectivity although it doesn’t come with highly-sensitive microphones. However, its many features compensate for this small drawback and make it worth its slightly high prices.



The last, but not the least, Memorex is another popular brand to buy your Karaoke music system from. It produces highly portable karaoke music systems which are simple and sleek in design and are found to be both reliable and durable.

It provides you with many mid-priced karaoke systems which can accommodate many digital instruments which makes using these karaoke machines infinitely more fun.

This is one reputable company in the field of karaoke systems which offers many amazing features in its karaoke systems and ensures that the sound and quality are on par with the brand name.

SingStand Home System is a popular karaoke system by this brand which offers you an ability to connect with several digital instruments and allows you to balance control between the vocals and the instruments.