Are you planning to have an amazing karaoke night at home? Well, what is a Karaoke night without a good-quality karaoke machine? Here’s how to buy the best one.

While a lot of people think that it is the people and the songs that make a karaoke party super hit but that is not entirely true.

A good song collection and a good crowd are important but only the best karaoke machines will ensure you have an amazing time while participating in a karaoke.

This is why we have prepared a list of things that one should absolutely not miss out on when looking for the perfect Karaoke machine for themselves. Trust me, once you read this guide, you will be able to select the perfect Karaoke machine for your home!

Here are 7 things that one should consider when buying a Karaoke Machine:

karaoke machines Ultimate buyer's guide

1. Type of Karaoke Machine

The first and foremost thing to consider when buying a Karaoke machine is the type of Karaoke Machine that will suit your purpose and requirements.

There are different types of Karaoke Machines which serve different purposes and lie in different price ranges so one needs to determine the correct type of Karaoke machine for themselves before they start looking any further. Here are a few different types of Karaoke Machines that you can consider while buying one for yourself:

Microphone Karaoke Machines

In this type of karaoke machine, the songs are pre-programmed into the microphones which you then connect to a television or a stereo so that the lyrics can be displayed on the screen.

You will find an option of a microphone karaoke machine with a built-in monitor to display the song lyrics on your microphone itself.

You can easily transport this karaoke machine and can hook it up to any TV or stereo. You will find hundreds of song selections in your microphone or you can also buy new cartridges with more songs to play on your karaoke machine.

Pocket Karaoke Machines

One of the most portable karaoke machines which are small and can be held in hand but don’t let its size fool you because these things can hold thousands of MP3 and AVI tracks.

This device offers you a video screen to view your song options and once you select a song, you just need to hook this device to a TV using the AV connections. The lyrics will be displayed on the screen and since it is small in size, it is easily portable.

Pocket Karaoke Machines

CD Karaoke Machines

This type of Karaoke machine is similar to a CD player and you just have to plug the machine into the television which will project the song lyrics.

You will have to use CD-G discs for these karaoke machines and each disc will hold thousands of songs. You can buy more discs later on to expand your music collection and can also use an amplifier to produce higher quality sounds.

All-in-One Karaoke Machines

As the name suggests, this Karaoke machine comes with all the necessary karaoke components which include a CD player, an MP3 hard drive, a microphone and the speakers. You simply have to plug the machine into the TV and the lyrics will be projected on your screen.

This type of Karaoke Machine usually comes with a music cartridge that contains thousands of songs and one can buy more cartridges if they wish so. Although this is not a portable karaoke machine, one can have a blast at the Karaoke night with the help of this machine.

2. Sound Quality

Another important thing to consider when buying a Karaoke machine is the speaker system for your machine. Make sure that your speaker plays good sound and that the music doesn’t have too much static or dim noise when the music is turned up.

Make sure that the instrumental sound is pleasing to the ears and ensure that the sound isn’t too low that it gets lost in a good crowd. Make sure you have an option to increase and decrease the volume without affecting the quality of the sound.

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3. Karaoke Machine Portability

When you buy a Karaoke Machine for yourself, it is quite natural that you would move it around a little and won’t keep it in one place till eternity.

You might transfer it from room to room depending on the occasion and the function which is why it is important that you buy a karaoke machine that is easily portable and won’t be too heavy to move around.

4. Song Formats

Ensure that your karaoke machine uses a wide range of song formats to make it more versatile and useful. Most of the karaoke machines use a CD+G format which is easily available but having a machine which can also support MP3, AVI, DVD, and so on formats will be infinitely better.

5. Built-In Screen

If possible then make sure you get a karaoke machine with a built-in screen. If you buy one without it, then you would need to hook up your karaoke machine with a TV or a stereo every time which might be difficult to do if you move your karaoke machine around a lot. So, invest a little more and get a karaoke machine with a built-in screen.

karaoke machine with screen

6. Power

Check your karaoke machine’s power wattage and make sure that you buy a machine with a higher power wattage. This is because a machine with a 100 watt will sound much better than a machine which offers you just 50 watts. So, try to get a karaoke machine with at least 90 watts of power.

7. Microphones

The last, but not the least, make sure that you try your microphone before you purchase the karaoke machine. Check if it captures the sound perfectly and how many microphones are connected to your karaoke machine. If it captures the sound brilliantly, then it’s the ideal buy.

Also, another important factor that goes into the buying decision is the number of people using the karaoke machine. If you’re expecting plenty of duets, then a karaoke machine with two microphones is the ideal buy so everybody gets a chance to sing their heart out.

But in case your Karaoke machine didn’t come with a microphone or you’re looking to purchase new ones, pick any of these mics for the perfect karaoke night.