Want to keep your kids busy this weekend while you spend some quality time with your significant other? Here are 10 karaoke machines bound to your kids busy.

Remember the time when you were young and carefree? We all loved to sing as children and often loved to have a good Karaoke jamming session with our family and friends. Unfortunately, several years back, these Karaoke machines weren’t quite as famous and trendy as they are now so we never got a chance to jam using a Karaoke machine.

If your kid loves to sing and dance and you would like to make them very happy this year, then it is the time that you buy them their own Karaoke machine to have their own kiddie karaoke parties.

It will not only be fun for your kids but for you too, as you watch them sing and laugh and enjoy themselves. You know what is an added bonus? You can relax for a few years while your kid gets busy in singing songs and enjoying themselves.

So, wondering where you can buy a good quality karaoke machine for your kid? Well, wonder no more because we have brought to you the best karaoke machines that will ensure that they have a lot of fun!

#1: Top Loading CDG Karaoke System

Top Loading CDG Karaoke System


A great Karaoke machine for kids which provides you a great combination of music and light which can make your kids’ parties even more fun and entertaining.

The lights depend on your song tempo and help in providing the right ambiance to a room. You can connect this machine to any musical device using the Bluetooth feature or the auxiliary port. You can also use CDs and CDGs to play some amazing songs on the karaoke machine.


This karaoke machine comes with a top loading CD player which can play both CDG’s and CDs and can also be connected to other musical devices with the help of Bluetooth or auxiliary input.

It features two audio input jacks which offer you an enhanced control of the sound along with two digital displays which make reading lyrics more fun.


  • Features a top-loading CD player
  • Built-in disco lights
  • Two audio input jacks
  • Can be connected to most musical devices


  • Requires an app to be downloaded
  • Power cords aren’t long

#2: SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player


One of the most amazing Karaoke machines for kids with its unique design and pink/black color option, it is loved and adored by all the kids. It comes with a front-loading CDG player and is easy to carry around.

It can be set up quickly too, you just need to hook it up to a TV. Your kid would love to handle the music and the disco lights and will have a lot of fun performing duets with friends or siblings.


This is a portable karaoke machine with a front loading CDG player and offers two LED digital displays and two audio jacks. It comes with a built-in speaker whose sound, echo, etc. can be easily handled. You can use both batteries and an AC adaptor to run this machine.


  • Includes a front loading CDG player
  • Controls for enhancing audio


  • Needs to be connected to a TV to display lyrics
  • Top portion is a little heavy

See the karaoke machine in action below


#3: Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine


Although it looks like a toy, this karaoke machine functions like an actual music device but it is quite durable and can endure most of your kids’ tantrums.

Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine

Your kids can bash it or bang it but it would continue to provide an amazing singing experience. It comes with a built-in storage but you can change the 512 MB digital card with a larger sized digital card so that you can store more songs.

It also includes USB, AUX, Bluetooth feature and has a stereo FM that your kid can use.


This Karaoke machine plays MP3, CDs, and several other music formats and offers an anti-skip protection along with LED display.

You can choose a music selection or you can randomly play a song for your kid to sing to, alone or with friends as this machine comes with two microphones.

You can switch on/off the microphones separately and the high-quality sound system of the karaoke machine will make the parties even more fun.

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  • Plays most music formats
  • Includes two microphones
  • LED display makes it fun


  • Incompatible with iPod or iPad
  • Doesn’t display lyrics

#4: Frozen Deluxe Karaoke Machine with Screen

Frozen Deluxe Karaoke Machine with Screen


If your kid loved watching and listening Frozen songs then they are going to absolutely love this Karaoke machine. This machine comes with a screen and a CDG that contains two popular songs from Frozen.

Your kid can have fun while singing Let It Go or Do You Wanna Build a Snowman. You can also use other songs in CDG format and your kids will find it easy to sing by looking at the lyrics displayed on the screen.


This karaoke machine includes a built-in dock which allows you to connect to an iPod while allowing you to play your own CDG discs too. Its monitor will display the song lyrics and will make it easier for your kids to sing along.

It also includes a microphone and good-quality speakers which allow you to control the sound volume. This machine is super light to carry and is a great way for your kid to fulfill their Frozen story fantasies.


  • Built-in screen for displaying lyrics
  • Includes a CDG with 2 famous Frozen songs
  • Good sound quality
  • Lightweight


  • Docking station can only connect to an iPod

Check out a more in-depth review of the product in the video below.

#5: Disco Light Karaoke Mic

Disco Light Karaoke Mic


One of the most favorite Kids Karaoke Machines which offers your child to sing and dance with a lot of energy. It comes with an audio jack which can be connected to any musical device like an iPod, CD player, MP3 Player, and so on.

It also comes with 12 pre-loaded songs and the colorful ball at the base of the Disco Light only helps in increasing your kid’s enthusiasm.


With this amazing Karaoke machine, you get a mic and a speaker and 12 pre-loaded songs in the machine which is quite popular with the kids.

Apart from that, you can also connect this machine to a CD player, DVD player, etc. and play thousands of songs to increase the fun.

You can adjust the height of the microphone from anywhere between 28 to 42 inches and it also includes two buttons to produce an applause effect or a freestyle beat.


  • Includes 12 pre-loaded songs
  • Adjustable mic stand
  • Helps in improving self-esteem
  • Encourages creativity and fun


  • Audio isn’t very loud
  • Uses only batteries