Looking for KitchenAid mixer essentials that are compatible with any KitchenAid stand mixer? Read our in-depth KitchenAid mixer essentials reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2018 to help you make the right buying decision.

If you don’t already have a stand mixer then you can read our best stand mixer reviews but in case you do and need attachments that will offer you convenience and versatility to meet your kitchen needs you’re in the right place.

We have researched and compiled a list of some of the best KitchenAid attachments to make your work easy when choosing the best attachment.

We have also included reviews of the top picks to assist you in making the right decision. Kindly read the guide to identify the mixer attachment that is likely to meet your needs.

Best KitchenAid Essential Attachments 2018


AttachmentSuited ForMaterialBudgetFinal Rating
2-Quart Ice Cream MakerIce cream,
gelato, sorbet
Grinder and sausage stuffer kitGrinding all meatsPlasticBudget4.7/5
Food processorSlicing, shredding,
dicing, julienne
Metal Blades
Pasta attachmentsPastaStainless SteelBudget4.5/5
Citrus juicer
Citrus JuicesPlasticBudget4.1/5
KitchenAid FPPAGrinding, slicing
shredding, straining
Plastic with
Metal Blade
KitchenAid KGSSAGrinding, slicing,
making sausages
KitchenAid KN12APGrinding, juices,
making sausages

In-Depth KitchenAid Attachment Reviews

#1: 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is one of the favorite foods for both young and old people, enjoyed in different flavors by people around the world.

The KitchenAid 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker represents pure indulgence when it comes to ice cream. The ice cream maker will allow you to enjoy your favorite ice cream at any time you want.2-Quart Ice Cream Maker


The design, engineering, and construction of this ice cream maker are consistent with the quality and durability that KitchenAid is known for.

The powerful stand mixer is ideal for high volume use. This allows you to use the ice cream maker at any time of the day and for a long time. The plastic material from which the machine is made also makes it sturdy for increased durability.


The versatility of the Cuisinart ice cream maker allows you to make any frozen treats for your family and guests.

If you are strict on leading a healthy lifestyle, you can use the appliance to make sorbet or frozen yogurt. The machine comes with a recipe book to give you dessert ideas that everyone will enjoy.


  • Can make all kinds of frozen treats
  • Powerful machine that delivers high performance
  • Easy to set up and clean


  • The machine develops stains and starts to leak after some time
  • Ice cream does not come out easily


The KitchenAid 2-quart ice cream maker is a machine for those looking to make ice cream all year round. This easy to operate attachment is affordable and will allow you to make a variety of frozen treats.

#2: Grinder and sausage stuffer kit

The KitchenAid Grinder and sausage stuffer kit will make it easy for you to prepare breakfast. Whether you are following your favorite recipe or trying out something new, you will make delicious sausages with the kit. You will also be impressed by the power of the stand mixer.KitchenAid Grinder and sausage stuffer kit


Regarding functionality, the Grinder and sausage stuffer kit will offer you great performance. The kit can be attached to a powered hub, with the attachment being powered by the motor. The sausage stuffer kit is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers.

This ensures that the time it takes to prepare your sausages is significantly reduced. The food grinder comes with a knife, coarse grinding plate, fine grinding plate and other accessories.


You can buy the food tray and sausage stuffer separately. The food tray will give you increased surface area for ingredients when you attach it to the grinder.

This will help you to grind items in large quantities. The sausage stuffer will work with the grinder to allow the preparation of different kinds of sausages.


  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Easy to fit in the KitchenAid grinder


  • The stuffing is done by building pressure manually


Provided you use it with KitchenAid stand mixers, you will enjoy the limitless possibilities that the Grinder and sausage stuffer kit offer. This is ideal for the adventurous cook who likes to try new things.

#3: Food processor

This device can be used to chop, knead, shred, dice and slice easily and quickly. With a commercial-style dicing kit that is hands-free, you will be able to slice any food item with one slide of the lever.

The KitchenAid food Processor with commercial-style dicing kit can easily handle both soft and hard ingredients in the kitchen.KitchenAid Food processor with commercial-style dicing kit


This versatile machine features a heavy-duty motor that can power through the hard ingredients in your kitchen. The machine has an array of discs and cutting blades that make it possible to cut consistently and with precision.

This makes it easy to achieve uniform dice when they are needed for simmering or sautéing. The feed tube of the machine can accommodate large items such as potatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes.


From the design to the construction of the food processor with commercial-style dicing kit, it is clear that the kit is intended to offer great performance. There is a leak-resistant ring on the interlock system that allows you to fill the bowl to capacity.

The handle of the kit also gives you a firm and secure grip and will not slide even when your hands are wet. The shredding disc and multipurpose blades are made of stainless steel.

The strong material works to improve the performance of the kit and also to ensure resistance to stains and rust. This allows you to enjoy optimal performance whenever you use the kit.


  • This machine is the perfect size for large portions
  • The machine is easy to use and offers unmatched performance


  • Does not stand firm on the countertop when grinding


This machine can be used when you have a wide variety of ingredients that you want to dice. Regardless of whether the items are soft or hard, you can rely on the strength of the machine to cut with precision and consistency.

#4: All-metal grain mill

The KitchenAid All-metal grain mill is a great machine to own if you love baking. This machine can be used for grinding low-oil, low-moisture grains such as rice, corn, oats, and wheat.

The ground grains can go a long way in adding an authentic taste and texture to your baked products. The grain mill will also allow you to explore the different options that using milled grains can bring.All-metal grain mill

Power and performance

The attachment is operated by the stand mixer, which draws power from the motor. This provides enough power to ensure that your grains are milled in a way that gives you fine flour.

The power and performance of the All-metal grain mill also allow you to mill large volumes at all times.


This grain milled is designed to grind coarse, fine and extra-fine grains. The machine offers consistency for all the grains to ensure that you achieve what you desire with your baked products.

Every product that you bake will have the same texture and taste, allowing every member of your family to enjoy the delicacies.


That machine can be used for a variety of low-moisture grains, ranging from rice, corn to wheat.

This not only offers you flexibility and different options but also gives you consistency when using several of the grains to bake a single product.


  • The attachment makes very fine flour
  • It’s also quiet and mills very quickly


  • Will only work well with a large KitchenAid mixer
  • Leaves large amounts of residue after grinding


This is a great machine for those who love baking and like to try out new things in the kitchen. With the wide variety of low-moisture grains, it can work on; there will be a lot to explore.

#5: Pasta attachments

The KitchenAid Pasta Attachment line comprises of Pasta Drying Rack, Gourmet Pasta Press, Ravioli Maker, Spaghetti Cutter, Fettuccine Cutter, Lasagnette Cutter, Capellini Cutter and Pasta Roller. These attachments are only available in specific sets.Pasta attachments


Using the attachments in your kitchen will ensure that you can attend to other issues as the attachments work with the motor inside the KitchenAid to get the pasta through the pasta roller attachment. This gives you room to do more in the kitchen. You can prepare other meals as the attachments do their work.

It takes a very short time to switch between the spaghetti/fettuccine attachment and the pasta roller attachment. The process takes just a few seconds. This works to hasten the process of preparing your pasta and serving your family or guests.


The KitchenAid Pasta attachments are both small and lightweight. The combined weight of the attachments is about 7 pounds.

This makes it easy to move the attachments to a friend’s or relative’s house, provided that they have a KitchenAid. The pasta maker will work well with any KitchenAid Mixer.


  • Opens effortlessly and folds easily for storage
  • Although it is expensive, it offers excellent quality and durability
  • Easy to use and produces perfect pasta


  • It is quicker and easier to fill the ravioli manually
  • It takes a lot of storage space


The KitchenAid pasta attachments are great for those looking for convenience in the kitchen. If you are looking to prepare perfect pasta within a short time, these attachments will help you to achieve just that.

#6: Citrus Juicer

The KitchenAid Citrus Juicer will rapidly extract juice from limes, lemons, grapefruits, and oranges when attached to your mixer.

There is a strainer whose purpose is to catch pulp or seeds. This juicer allows you to enjoy fresh fruit juice whenever you want to make it.Citrus Juicer


The power to make your Citrus juicer to perform more tasks is in your hands. Since it is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers, you can turn the appliance into a versatile one. This will help you to execute some culinary tasks in your kitchen.

With this kind of versatility, you will not need individual appliances for each of the tasks. In the end, you will be able to do more with a single machine, saving on storage space in the kitchen.

Easy to use

The KitchenAid Citrus Juicer features a relatively simple design, making the process of assembling it and attaching it to the stand mixer’s motor simple. The simple design is also meant to ensure that the device is easy to use.

By simply snapping it into place, you will have a juicer and will be ready to extract fruit juice. The machine also works pretty quickly, a factor that also makes the process of making juice simple.

Although you may need to exert some pressure to extract all the juice from your fruits, this is not a difficult thing to do. The strainer that holds seeds and pulps is also designed to make your work easy when you clean the working area.


  • This is a useful machine in the kitchen since it speeds up things
  • Easy to install and clean, thanks to the simple design
  • Takes up less space than having a separate juicer


  • The juicer is not stable and may fall apart during use
  • It is difficult to get all the juice


Any juice lover looking to extract juice from lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes can buy this machine. In case you need to use the juices in your kitchen, this easy to use appliance will help you to do that in no time at all.

#7: Fruit and vegetable strainer

The Fruit and vegetable strainer set with grinder attaches to the KitchenAid stand mixer, using the power of the motor to power its activities. This tool can be used to grind meat as well as to firm fruits and vegetables.

The strainer section of the machine is designed to puree soft fruits and cooked vegetables. The fruit and vegetable strainer breaks down ingredients with the help of the food grinder.KitchenAid Fruit and vegetable strainer set with grinder


The Fruit and vegetable strainer set with grinder feature grinding plates that are made of stainless steel. This material is meant to ensure that the grinding plates are stain and rust free, enabling you to achieve optimal results all the time.

The metal strainer is also likely to serve you for a long time. When you buy this product, you will not have to worry about buying another one soon. The manufacturer stands by the quality of the machine and provides buyers with a one year warranty against defects in material and craft.


The easy to assemble Fruit and vegetable strainer set with a grinder can grind fresh and cooked meats, dry bread, firm fruits and vegetables, and cheese. The machine can also be used to puree and strain soft fruits and cooked vegetables.

Working off the motor of the stand mixer, the machine uses both fine and coarse grinding plates to achieve its intended function. With the many types of foods and fruits that the machine can work on, there are no limits to what you can do.


  • Crashes large quantities of vegetables in a short time
  • Works wonderfully, separating the skin and seeds to leave you with the sauce


  • The tray on top of the tool is quite small
  • You have to cut meat into small pieces before grinding


The KitchenAid Fruit and vegetable strainer set with a grinder is a great tool for those looking to grind meats or strain fruits and vegetables. The machine saves you valuable time in the kitchen and delivers impressively great products.

#8: Masticating juicer and sauce attachment

The Masticating juicer and sauce attachment attach easily and directly to the powering motor of the KitchenAid stand mixer.

The machine allows you to stock up the fruits and vegetables that you use in your kitchen on a daily basis. Regardless of what you wish to make, this machine will help you to realize nutrient-rich extraction.Masticating juicer and sauce attachment


Almost every KitchenAid attachment promises to deliver superior performance based on the powerful motor of the stand mixer.

The Masticating juicer and sauce attachment go beyond this. The construction of the attachment features stainless steel blades and a wide feed tube.

These two features are designed to accommodate fruits and vegetables of various sizes. This can be done without much prep work, helping you to save time and focus on attending to other culinary activities.


The versatility of the KitchenAid Masticating juicer and sauce attachment eliminates any worry you may have about your food going bad. You can easily turn the food into fresh juice within a short time.

The tree pulp screens of the juicer and sauce attachment are meant to allow for the processing of a variety of products.

You can use this machine to produce jams, sauces, high pulp juices as well as low pulp juices. When you have this attachment, there is very little you will not be able to do.


  • Cleaning becomes quick and easy once you start using the machine
  • This is a well-made machine that gives you numerous options
  • Easy to set up and attach


  • The juicer is quite slow when working on harder fruits
  • The price is a bit high considering that it relies on the power of the stand mixer


This machine will come in handy when you have a lot of food items that you need to turn into fresh juice. Although it is quite slow, it will get the job done and save you a headache.

#9: Slicer and Shredder

The KitchenAid Slicer and Shredder Attachment are efficient. Whether you want to slice vegetables for stir fry, shred cheese for pizza and pasta, shred cabbages and carrots for slaw or perform any other shredding job, the attachment will handle the job.KitchenAid Slicer and Shredder


When it comes to performance, this KitchenAid attachment does the shredding and slicing jobs quite well. The design and construction of the machine feature two slicing cones. The slicing cones are meant to ensure that your fruits and vegetables are sliced to the desired thickness.

This is achieved using either the thick or thin slicing cone. The machine also has two shredding cones. Just like the slicing cones, the shredding cones will shred your carrots and cheese into either fine or coarse consistency, depending on how you prefer them.


The Slicer and Shredder Attachment can slice and shred a variety of food items. You will not have to worry about what you can place in the machine.

You can also use the Slicer and Shredder for either coarse or fine consistency, a feature that increases your options.

By connecting the appliance to your mixer, you will make the mixer versatile, enabling you to achieve tons of activities in your kitchen.


  • Does a great job on hard ingredients such as nuts and carrots
  • Makes shredding cheese easy and fast
  • Attaches easily and is easy to use


  • The machine is very wasteful during the shredding process
  • The blades are not very sharp, producing uneven cuts


This is for when you need a machine to slice and shred a wide variety of ingredients. The machine will come in handy when you are preparing meals for a number of people such as during a party.

Value for Money: Attachment Packs


#1 pack: KitchenAid FPPA

The KitchenAid FPPA pack includes a variety of attachments.

While the food grinder can grind raw meat to be used on a burger, the fruit and vegetable strainer makes smooth applesauce from unpeeled apples, and the rotor slicer/shredder will easily and quickly shred cheeses.KitchenAid FPPA Mixer Attachment


The food grinder has both fine and coarse grinding plates to help you make fresh ground meat, salsa, bread crumbs and more dishes.


Both the vegetable strainer and rotor shredder perform their jobs within a short time, offering you the convenience you need in the kitchen.


  • Speeds up the process
  • Good quality products


  • The blades on the shredder/slicer are not very sharp


The versatility of the tool should be reason enough to make any busy cook to get one for their kitchen. The single machine performs numerous tasks.

#2 pack: KitchenAid KN12AP

The KitchenAid KN12AP pack includes a food grinder and food tray for easy grinding of raw meat and vegetables, a sausage stuffer and a citrus juicer.KitchenAid KN12AP Stand mixer attachment

Easy to install

The attachment is designed to install easily to the power, saving you time so that you can get to processing your food.


This KitchenAid attachment allows you to enjoy your food as well as to include juice after the meal. This offers flexibility and many opportunities.


  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Consistent with excellent quality from KitchenAid


  • The meat grinder gets clogged with fats


If you need to prepare your meals quickly and get some juice to go with it, this attachment is for you. You will not go wrong with the versatile tool.

#3 Pack: KitchenAid KGSSA

Another highly recommended pack is the KitchenAid KGSSA. This attachment features a food grinder for grinding vegetables and raw meat as well as a rotor slicer/ shredder for slicing vegetables and shredding cheese.KitchenAid KGSSA stand mixer attachment


The attachment includes a food grinder, rotor slicer/shredder, and a sausage stuffer kit. The affordable attachment allows you to perform several tasks easily.

Easy to install

The multipurpose attachment can be easily attached to the power hub to begin processing the required food items.


  • The attachment reduces the different processing times
  • The blades are super sharp


  • The mechanism can easily get clogged


This multipurpose attachment will work great when you need to quickly fix a meal for your family or guests since it reduces processing time.


Best KitchenAid Essential Attachments
  • 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker
  • Grinder & sausage stuffer kit
  • Food processor
  • Grain Mill
  • Pasta attachments


If you’re looking for a stand mixer attachment with multiple uses like chopping, slicing etc. we’d recommend you go for the Food processor.

In case you’re looking for an all in one pack for daily kitchen tasks such as Grinding, slicing
shredding, straining etc. our top pick is the KitchenAid FPPA.