Last updated: 12th February 2018

Looking for the best cooking pan? Read our in-depth copper chef reviews to help you make the right buying decision for quicker, healthier cook.

10 Best Copper Chef Reviews for 2018

Copper Chef SetsBest FeatureBudgetRating
Copper Chef 11" XL Cookware Set60% more capacityPremium4.9/5
Copper Chef Round Pan 3 PackHeat Proof up to 850°FPremium4.7/5
Copper Chef Wok 12" 4 Pc SetJumbo 6-Qt. CapacityPremium4.6/5
Copper Chef XL 11" Casserole 5 pc SetInduction Cooktop with 5 PresetsPremium4.5/5
Copper Chef 9 Piece Round SetRiveted Handles For Extra Secure GripPremium4.5/5
Copper Chef 4 Pc SetHeat Resistant Up To 800 DegreeMid-Range4.2/5
Copper Chef 10" Round Pan with Glass LidCeramic-Tech non-stick coatingBudget4/5
Copper Chef Copper Crisper DeluxeCookie Sheet prevents spillsBudget3.8/5
Copper Chef 12 Pc Bakeware SetAll in one Baker's solutionMid-Range4.7/5
Copper Chef 9" Perfect Loaf Pan BOGOPerfect for breadsBudget4.5/5

In-Depth Copper Chef Reviews

Chefs prefer copper cookware because it is durable, has amazing characteristics and also works perfectly well with an induction cooktop. Copper is an excellent heat conductor for cooking, and the copper provides an even distribution of heat, which allows dishes to be cooked by using less energy.

Copper cookware is typically slightly more expensive than other types of cookware. However, a good set of copper cookware can last you a lifetime, it will give your kitchen a modern makeover.This review of the Copper Chef will help you determine if this brand of cookware will be suitable for your needs.
copper chef pan set

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Intro to the Copper Chef

Copper Chef is a cooking system from Fusion Brands and sold by Tri-Star Products. The cookware system is boasted as being able to replace six pans as well as to cook food in half the normal time. Copper Chef is sold as a high quality, 6-in-1, no cleanup and non-stick pan and endorsed by Eric Theiss.

The square copper infused pan works as a wok, skillet, steamer, baking dish, roasting pot, and rice cooker. The Copper Chef square pan is coated with a ceramic that is copper infused, can heat up to 850 degrees and it can be used in the oven or on the stove.

Nonstick & Easy to Clean Surface

One of the best features of Copper Chef is that it is made with Cerami-Tech, which is said to be a new generation of healthier ceramic. The Cerami-Tech coating makes the Copper Chef non-stick and easier to clean.

The Ceramic coating is also infused with copper, which allows the Copper Chef to heat evenly without hot spots and the evenly distributed heat allows you to cook food in half of the time it would usually take.

Easier Cooking

Copper Chef is considered to be a 6-in-1 type of cookware, in that you only need one pan to do the majority of your cooking.

The bottom of the pan has a round stainless steel induction plate, which allows you to use the pan on electric, gas, ceramic and induction surfaces as well as in the oven. The Cerami-Tech non-stick technology allows you to cook without the use of butter or oil and it is free of PFOA’s or PTFE’s.

The pan, although it is not made entirely of copper, is infused with copper, which allows the pan to handle heat up to 850 degrees. The 6-in-1 feature means it replaces up to 6 other types of cookware. The Copper Chef is also dishwasher safe.

Other Features of the Copper Chef

The Copper Chef set includes a deep square pan, glass lid, fry basket and steamer rack. The Copper Chef cookware comes with a 60-day warranty. However, you are responsible for the shipping fees if you are satisfied and want to return the Copper Chef.  Other features include:

  • Riveted handles
  • 5-layer construction
  • Holds a volume of 4.5 quarts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a recipe book that contains 25 dishes

Overall, the Copper Chef can withstand high heat and can be used on either the stovetop or in the oven. The handle is hollow, which allows the handle to cool faster than the rest of the pan.

Some pots with hollow handles advertise the ability to lift a pan with a hollow handle without an oven mitt; however, it is highly recommended that you use an oven mitt or pot holder when handling the Copper Chef.

The name “Copper Chef” implies that the cookware is made of primarily copper; however, the pan is only copper infused ceramic, with a copper color, so it is not made from pure copper. The Copper Chef is slightly more expensive than pans with a similar style and design, however, it does provide evenly distributed heat and more evenly cooked dishes.

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Copper Chef Reviews
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If you’re looking for a copper pan we’d recommend you go for the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan. Copper being a good conductor of heat makes cooking faster. Secondly, the non-stick surface is easy to clean and maintain thus making your cooking and cleaning job in the kitchen a whole lot faster and easier.